Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Happy birthday to me...

So, today is my 17th birthday...holds for applause. And it's actually been pretty good. I got some interesting things that I thought I would share with you guys as you might also be interested. (If not then I'm sorry).

I got Girls series 1! (I missed it when it was out in the UK and I saw on Rookie how many people loved it so i'm so happy I've got it) I also really am interested in Lena Dunham. She seems to agree with everything I believe in and she seems like such a good role model. Question is, do I watch this with my mum?


I got lots of David Lynch DVDs. I didn't really know much about David Lynch but my dad mentioned him a while back when I was listening to Lana Del Rey's version of Blue Velvet.

 source File:Lost-Higway-01.jpg source

I'm not sure if any of you guys would have heard of this band but they're from Liverpool and they're called Stealing Sheep. My brother went to see them and thought I would like them so I'm really excited to hear what they're like. (Apparently they're very folky which is what I like)


Alfred Hitchcock is like the best and so I got Rear Window and a book about Psycho that I can't wait to read. I'm a bit of a film buff so if anyone gets my films I'll be a happy chappy. 


Anyway, I've kinda had enough of talking about me because it just feels weird. 
I hope you've all had a good day. 

lovelovelove xxx

This is cute


Saturday, 23 February 2013

Where the hell have you been?!

So, obviously, I have not been writing many blog posts - and I doubt anyone cares as I have no followers - but I felt sad that I haven't written anything in a while. The main reason for not writing is because I was worried someone I know would read these posts and they're actually really, really stupid and they would just laugh and ugh. I'M SO PARANOID.

Sorry, this picture was necessarily as I would like to think that I'm Ginger Rogers and you guys are Katharine Hepburn giving me a hug, because I need it. 

Anyway, so I did actually have a proper reason for writing this blog post, and it may be annoying for a teenager to talk about these things, however, I believe more teenagers should! 
So, I was at a party last weekend and, don't ask how this came about, but one of my friends mentioned how they were not a feminist. And, being me, I was completely shocked and extremely angry and I just shouted at her, "WHY THE HELL NOT?!" And her reply was (and this is an actual quote) "Because I don't believe in hating on men." I'll just wait for that to sink in. 
That is the most naive and stupid thing I see on a daily basis online but I never thought I would hear one of my friends actually say it to me. 
What I would like to make clear is that feminism is NOT about hating men, it is for equal rights for all! That means equality for men and women in education, family, media, basically all aspects of society. How is that not a good thing? 
Recently, however, I feel that we have been going backwards. One example that pained me this week was The Sun using a picture of Reeva Steenkamp (Oscar Pistorius' late girlfriend), in her bikini, on the front of the newspaper. This makes me utterly sick that they would disrespect a female that had recently died by choosing a picture of her half-naked. It's also kinda weird as it has a slight necrophilia tendency to it. But what The Sun said to justify it was that it was her job, however, if it was a doctor, would they have had her wearing her scrubs etc? NO. Obviously not. Just because she was a bikini model does not mean that is her life. People are not they're job, they have other sides to them and those other sides should be recognised once someone has sadly passed away. Sadly, all we know of Reeva Steenkamp is that she was a bikini model and we know most of the details about her tragic death. 
Ugh. I'm so sorry about that rant. I didn't even finish it because I just feel so angry at this world and the media and everything that I've just had enough with it all. 

Okay. I'm going to end it there. Please send me your views and tell me your opinion on Reeva Steenkamp etc. 
Guys, love yourself and stay strong in this, sometimes, horrible world. xoxo
(Here are some pretty pictures I found on Tumblr that might make you happy)