Thursday, 27 June 2013

I'll be strong. I'll be wrong. But life goes on.

I'm growing up guys. Not by my own accord - people are forcing me to. I'm sure you can tell by my writing that I'm basically like a thirteen year old still. Well, today, I had to get loads and loads prospectuses for Universities. Not only did I feel the stress from deciding where to go and what I want to do (preferably History). I also felt the pain from carrying all those heavy prospectuses around town in my backpack. That was not a nice feeling - my back and shoulders still hurt - hopefully I won't start associating University with that pain. 

I don't want to grow up, but, then again, I do want to go to University. The whole 'being in debt all my life' and all that has started to put me down though. I just want to get away from Birmingham. It's a grim and dark city filled with the worst people imaginable. I know I'm not going to ever get away from horrible people. However, there will always be nice people as well. Birmingham hasn't been that bad. As you know from my previous post, I do have some amazing friends. If I lived somewhere else, who knows what I'd be like? But one shouldn't spend their time thinking about what could have been and focus on the future. Hence why I'm surrounded by all these books talking about how great their University is.

Back to the point - I do want to go to University. I want to get away from my college and meet some different people, become more independent. It's a scary world. As lovely Atticus Finch said to Jem, “There's a lot of ugly things in this world, son. I wish I could keep 'em all away from you. That's never possible.” (I think I'm in love with Atticus). I need to focus on the positive things. I'm never going to get away from terrible things but I am going to learn and grow and live. I do have a tendency for always looking at the bad things, but surely that's just humans in general. Don't we all always focus mainly on the negative things? I'm trying to get better at looking at things differently and trying to find and want happiness. 

Don't you miss being a little kid though? They can say and do anything and people won't care. I do think that we need to grow up but I don't think we should completely lose our childlike tendencies. I still manage to do some weird things in public. My mum came back from a conference thing in Cambridge and we collected her from the train station. So, when I saw her from afar, in front of everyone, I ran in slow motion towards her really weirdly and I just didn't care what people would think of me. I love moments like that. When you don't care about anyone, you're just enjoying yourself. These little moments are things that everyone should hold on to. We were all children once - why let it go? Why grow up too quickly? Why decide that what you used to do is immature? Just be (as Paloma Faith would say).

Friday, 14 June 2013

I have too many feelings

People depress me. I've just about had enough of all the crazy things that people are saying. 

First of all, we have people defending page three (If you aren't from the UK: Page Three is in The Sun where they show a picture of a topless woman as to sexualise their bodies.) They claim that it's "the female's choice to be in the newspaper, therefore, they're doing it to themselves." What a load of bullshit. These women are being objectified by men. Their bodies are only made to 'please' the opposite sex. Which is obviously degrading. Women should be praised on their intelligence etc, not for the size of their breasts. It's dehumanising. It's also affecting each generation. Boys grow up thinking women are just a piece of meat and girls grow up constantly thinking they're not good enough because of these images. It's ruining our society, however, people now class it as a norm - which is disgusting. 

Then we have the new twitter account 'Feminist Taylor Swift'. Which I do really enjoy, however, people are taking it way out of control stating things like "this is funny because Taylor Swift is not a feminist because she writes songs about love and boys and love." Hold up. Since when was writing songs about love and boys not being a feminist? Zooey Deschanel describes it perfectly: 

"We can’t be feminine and be feminists and be successful? I want to be a f--king feminist and wear a f--king Peter Pan collar. So f--king what?" 

Feminism is having a choice. One can choose to write about love and still be a feminist. Just because something doesn't conform to a branch of feminism does not mean they're not a feminist. Believing in equality is feminism. Taylor Swift has never stated that she's a feminist but the fact that she's a successful woman in this business practically shows she's a feminist icon. Just because she doesn't conform to people's ideas of feminism does not mean she "can't be a feminist." This also makes those people so hypocritical by judging people on what they do, wear, say etc. Therefore, they're completely missing the point of what feminism actually is. 

Finally, the YouTuber Alex Day (Who I have subscribed to for a number of years) has just (like this second) put up a video about people not wearing clothes that are correct for their size. Click here for the video. PEOPLE CAN WEAR WHAT EVER THEY WANT TO WEAR. Why can't people get that into their brains?! We are so judgmental it makes me sick. People don't "need to lose weight." Just because you don't conform to the way society wants you to look does not mean you can't wear what you want. Regardless to whether he was being funny, this video was still offensive and rude. I love that new thing that's going around: Want a bikini body? Buy a bikini and wear it! It's as simple as that. As long as you feel amazing in your clothes then that's all that matters.

I could probably go on for longer but it's late and my brain is tired.
(Ignore spelling/grammar mistakes - I can't be bothered to read through it again)

Thursday, 13 June 2013

I need you. I don't need you. And all of that jiving around.

I feel like I should do a new blog post but I have absolutely no 'inspiration'. So, instead, I've made a playlist that may get my creative juices flowing (I sound like a really over-excited teacher). 
Hope you enjoy. 

What I've been doing: I went to London with my friends, went back to college and had a feminist rant with my friend. That's all folks. Happy listening. 

Here's some William Blake for you.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

I can't stop smiling

It's the end of the holidays for my mother (I have another week hehe) so we decided to go see Populaire at the cinema and I can't stop smiling. It is most definitely my favourite film of the year so far. I'm a proper sucker for a romantic comedy and this was just everything I would want in a film and it was exactly what I needed after a rather dull week.

It's set in the 1950s and, in my opinion, the Fifties had the best fashion and now all I want to do is wear a Fifties dress for the rest of my life. It's about a woman (Rose Pamphyle) who can type really fast so her boss (Louis Echard) puts her into a competition for her to become the fastest typist in the world. I know, it sounds ridiculous but trust me, it's great. I loved it so much.

Seeing as it's set in the Fifties it is quite sexist but the main female character talks a lot about equality between men and women and that just made it better. I always like a film that is set in the olden days just so people have a chance to fight against what is going on at the time. 

It's just a really colourful and funny film. I did not stop smiling since the moment it started. There's even a dance number which is like the most amazing thing ever. I really wish it was on YouTube so I could show it to you guys but sadly, it is not. 

If any of you fancy taking a trip to the cinema, please go and see this! It'll just brighten up your week. Trust me. (P.S - be prepared for subtitles!)

I FOUND THE VIDEO! Les Tango des Illusions